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In a challenging retail environment it helps to have a great team on your side

Smart Asset Managers helps retail property owners with…

  • Administration Management – keeping track of income & expenses, producing annual outgoings budgets and capex projections
  • Rent Arrears – ensuring all rent arrears are promptly addressed
  • Lease Management – making sure your property continues to have tenant/s, rent invoicing and receipting, handling rent reviews and proactively handling any disputes that arise
  • Facilities Management – looking after building operations & maintenance, ensuring workplace health & safety meets required standards, disaster planning/recovery
  • Upgrade Project Management – where a commercial property requires refurbishing or repositioning (including for example social media promotion, LED signage, property presentation)

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Cleveland Summary

Cleveland, situated on the picturesque western shores of Moreton Bay, is a vibrant coastal and central locality within the City of Redland, Queensland, Australia. Boasting a population of 14,801 people according to the 2016 census, Cleveland stands as a pivotal transport hub for the islands scattered across Moreton Bay. Its strategic location, approximately 25 kilometers east-southeast of Brisbane, positions it as a nexus for commercial, residential, and industrial activities. The area encompasses the Redland City’s Council Chambers, offices, and diverse cultural facilities.

Formerly characterized by mangroves and mudflats, the landscape has undergone significant transformation, giving rise to canal estates and the development of the Raby Bay Marina. The renowned Toondah Harbour, home to the Stradbroke Island Ferry Terminal, serves as a gateway to North Stradbroke Island through water taxis and vehicular ferries. The Fison Channel, dredged for accessibility, connects Cleveland to Dunwich, offering passage through the naturally shallow waters of Moreton Bay.

Noteworthy for its ecological significance, Toondah Harbour is nestled amidst coastal wetlands featuring sandbanks, mudflats, and mangroves. These wetlands serve as crucial habitats for diverse marine life, including dugongs, turtles, and various bird species, including migratory birds like the critically endangered eastern curlew. While the majority of the wetlands fall within the boundaries of the Moreton Bay Ramsar site, Cassim Island, located north of Toondah Harbour, provides essential shelter from northerly winds. Named after William Cassim, an early Cleveland hotel keeper, Cassim Island serves as a sanctuary for wading birds and other mangrove fauna, adding to the rich tapestry of Cleveland’s natural wonders.

Cleveland Fast Facts

  • Population – 15,850
  • Private Dwellings – 7,260
  • Families – 4,523
  • Average People/Household – 2.3
  • Median Weekly Household Income – $1,430
  • Median Monthly Mortgage Repayment – $2,000
  • Median Weekly Rent – $400
  • Average Motor Vehicles/Dwelling – 1.8
  • Median Age – 51
  • Participation in labour force – 7,316

Data is drawn from: ABS 2021 Census